We give you all the tools to improve your returns process from start to finish

A complete returns management system that helps you turn every RMA into an opportunity to amaze your customers and build brand loyalty.

Everything in one place

Returns tracking, Parts requests, testing, reports, customer information and more in one system.

Operation at a glance

Everything you need to know about the status of your returns operation, right at your fingertips.

Powerful search capabilities

Find everything from reference numbers to customer info or notes in seconds.

Are you a Zendesk customer? If so, check out the SupportSync app that makes it easy to create returns through the Zendesk platform.

Complete tracking throughout the process

As your team members perform tasks, returns automatically move to the next step of the process so your customers are always informed of the current status.

No more lost returns

It's always clear where any return is in the process, to you and your customer.

Flexible process flow

Our RMA solution lets you tailor the process flow to match your company's returns policy.

Custom notifications

Choose from auto-generated email notifications or create your own using fully customizable templates.

Bring your team together for a more efficient process

The best RMA software lets every member of your team do their job better and faster, providing the highest level of customer service.

Support Agent
    He always has the latest information available when customers request the status of their returns. Returns are easy for him to create through online cases or over the phone. When a customer requires additional support, he can send them a prepaid shipping label.
Customer Service Manager
    Her team is able to provide the best customer service experience possible by pulling real-time updates on user activity, returns by customer and average turnaround time in one click. She can also assign specific user access levels to her team members to make sure each piece of information is in the right hands at all times.
Package Receiver
    As soon as he receives a package and adds it into the system, the customer is notified. He can find any return by using the bar code label sent to customers, and if there's a problem with a product, he can flag the return for an agent to contact the customer.
Product Tester
    He's alerted the moment a return is received and new products require testing. He can define custom tests and track any reason for testing failures. All test result data can be made instantly available to everyone in the organization for improvement purposes.
    He can print labels and easily match them to returns using packing slips with barcodes. He can also use the platform to communicate with major carriers, so as soon as he ships a return the customer is notified and given the tracking number. If there are any issues, he can easily flag the return for customer service.

Reporting to identify trends

Get real insight on why your products are coming back and how your team is performing with reports that show reason, product and failure trends, average turnaround time and more.

Comprehensive reports

Run reports on testing, cases, returns, parts requests, shipping, user activity and much more.

Advanced filtering

Drill down by specific criteria such as date ranges and products to get the exact data you need.

Download your data

You can download all of your customer and returns data at any time in CSV format.

Ready to simplify your returns process? Automate RMA tracking, customer service, reporting, shipping and more!
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Take the pain out of shipping

Our integrated shipping feature makes it easy to print labels and track returns and accessory shipments using your Endicia (USPS), UPS, or FedEx accounts.

Ship RMAs and Accessories with Major carriers

Tie any UPS, FedEx, or Endicia (USPS) account to SupportSync to ship returns, parts & accessories at your negotiated rates in seconds.

Address Verification

Know if an address has a problem before you ship to avoid costly re-shipments.

Preset Packaging

Save customized packaging information and settings to expedite your shipping process.

Take the weight of shipping off of your customers' shoulders

Want to go the extra mile for your customers? SupportSync gives you the option to pay for shipping by generating prepaid labels from USPS, UPS, or FedEx and emailing them directly to your customers.

Customer satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction by offering to pay for shipping with a prepaid label.

Easy for your customers

Create and email shipping labels to your customers so all they have to do is click "Print" and tape them to the box.

Orderly receiving

A bar code is sent to customers to put inside the box for easy return lookup.

Ship fast and easy with batch processing

Process countless shipments at once by selecting multiple returns or parts requests, clicking "Ship Selected", and printing labels and packing slips in batch mode.

Print what you want

Print all the labels in the shipping folder or select which ones to print using the "Create Label & Print" button.

Automated Tracking

Each time a label is printed, you can automatically send a notification email to the customer with tracking information.

Catch shipping errors

During batch processing, you'll be alerted to any shipping errors before the label is printed.

The best RMA software has shipping built-in. SupportSync integrates with major carriers for a seamless process from start to finish.
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Our customer portal makes it easy to connect with your customers

The help page is where customers get their first impression of your service operation. Make it a great one with our customer portal. It's fully customizable, can be styled to look like your main website, and allows your customers to login and submit a support case, request a return, and track shipments.

Easy to use

You can deploy the portal in minutes. It's intuitive for both you and your customers. You have the flexibility to use it as an RMA portal or simply for customer service.


Upload your logo. Add your custom text, links and images. Style the CSS to match your main web site.


Customers can login to update their account information and check the status of requests. Choose to offer RMA portal, parts requests or cases functionality.

Get a clear and complete picture

SupportSync combines all aspects of customer service software, from cases to returns, so you'll always have your customers' entire service history at a glance.

All customer data

Easily lookup a customer to access their cases, returns parts requests, files and notes.

No more guesswork

Get a snapshot of where returns are in the process at any time.

Identify special cases

Know when a customer has had too many returns and may require special service.

Great service starts with a conversation

Our optional cases functionality gives you a forum to troubleshoot support issues with your customers. If a return is needed, it's easy to create right from the case.

Prevent returns

Be alerted as soon as new cases are created and effectively troubleshoot problems to prevent returns before they happen.

Easily create returns

When a customer requires a return, you can create it right from the support case. The customer can check the status on the RMA portal.

Advanced Tracking

You'll know as soon as a customer updates a case. Easily mark cases requiring special attention that you want to follow up on.

Do you use Freshdesk for customer service? SupportSync has an app that makes creating returns in Freshdesk easy.

Keep customers informed, your way

SupportSync allows you to send unlimited email notifications throughout your returns process so your customers are always informed. You can even create custom email templates, tailoring communications to your needs.

Say what you want

Create custom email notifications that reflect your brand identity.

Insert common fields

Easily insert fields into your templates like customer name, address or RMA#.

Custom Automation

Define custom rules to automatically determine which email template is sent.

Are you a Zendesk customer? If so, check out the SupportSync app that makes it easy to create returns through the Zendesk platform.

Handle contingencies with ease

SupportSync's flag functionality makes it easy for you to deliver the best service to your customers. Simply define custom groups and alert and assign actions when problems occur.

Problem tracking

Create custom reasons for returns requiring special attention.

Alert your team members

Define your own groups of team members and alert them immediately when action is required.

Ship on demand

Hold, delay, or cancel any return shipment at the customer's request.

Great customer service software is more than just ticketing. SupportSync is the best choice for companies that provide product support.
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