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A need for something better

After spending over two decades in the consumer electronics manufacturing industry in various roles and capacities, we saw an opportunity to help companies with what is often considered an unpleasant side of the product life cycle: returns management. So in the summer of 2008, we launched a returns services company called Brandlink Resources, and handled returns for one of America's fastest growing companies.

We realized that while returns are an inevitable reality, they could also be an opportunity for companies to display outstanding service. The key is RMA software that provides a painless, well-organized and transparent returns process where the customer is notified promptly with each status update. This real-world need resulted in us creating a returns management system that synchronizes customers, support agents, and return center personnel in real-time. SupportSync was born!

Where we are today

Since those early days back in 2008, SupportSync has continued to mature and develop through years of customer interaction, solving one real-world problem after another. Today, our cloud-based application makes it easy for companies of all sizes and industries to process returns more efficiently, achieving higher customer satisfaction while lowering costs.

Let us help your company streamline and simplify your returns process. Amaze your customers while getting real insight on average turnaround time, common product failures and user activity. Contact us today!
"We realized that returns will always be a reality. But if customers' problems are solved successfully, loyalty will grow and they'll be more likely to buy from you again."
Scott Burgess, Co-founder and CEO
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